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Carátula para el juego Line of Defense Tactics de Xbox 360
Carátula del juego Line of Defense Tactics para Xbox One



imagen_fondoLine of Defense Tactics




Estrategia, Acción, Rol, Indie

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Descripcion de Line of Defense Tactics:

Line Of Defense Tactics is a top-down combat shooter in which you command a team of four Galactic Command marines in a 16 mission campaign across space stations, starships and vast planetary battlefields. Train your team, upgrade their stats, weapons, inventory and abilities, to become the ultimate fighting force. The Xbox One version includes the Tactical Advantage DLC which includes a bonus skirmish mode, 1000 experience points, as well as exclusive weapons ( RT41 Shotgun, Hornet Rocket Launcher, Frag Grenade) and items (Portable Cloaking Unit, Combat Armor) which you can use to equip your team right from the start. * Action based storyline based on the Line Of Defense comics * Real time tactical combat with a persistent team of characters * Fight the enemy in ship to ship combat, inside their bases, and on the ground * Command infantry, autonomous androids, and vehicles to complete your missions * Call in airstrikes, deploy turrets, and gain access to advanced weaponry as you progress * Play the missions in any order after completing the campaign * Earn achievements as you play through the campaign

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