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Región 360:

Carátula para el juego Draw a Stickman: EPIC de Xbox 360
Carátula del juego Draw a Stickman: EPIC



imagen_fondoDraw a Stickman: EPIC




Aventura, Casual, Indie

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Descripcion de Draw a Stickman: EPIC:

Animate your own hero with the award-winning Draw a Stickman: EPIC, now available on Xbox One! Your favorite stickman buddy was kidnapped by the evil Zarp and it’s up to you to save him. Hop into the adventure book to sketch your way past swarms of killer bees, enemy dragons, and an attacking troll. In this uniquely-crafted, cartoon RPG, you become the artist and create your very own stickman hero! Sketch and doodle your way through the challenging obstacles the evil Zarp throws at you! As the artist behind the adventure, start the game by drawing an original cartoon hero using the Xbox Kinect or the Controller’s joystick. Then draw your hero a friend! After all - what adventure is complete without someone to rescue? Watch as your cartoon creations hop right off the page and head straight into the dangers of the magical adventure book! YIKES - It has teeth! Send your doodle dude into the book to save your friend! Guide your sketched hero through the dangerous world to save your friend and use various pencils and creativity to animate solutions to puzzles and obstacles! Need to get past a pile of dynamite? Use the flame pencil to sketch a fire and blow them up! Bees in your way? Use the cloud pencil to grow a pollinated distraction! Ward off dragon enemies, and supercharge a toaster with the lightning cloud! There is plenty to do in the world of Draw a Stickman: EPIC! Features: - Customizable stickman feature that lets you animate your own hero - Unlockable colors for drawing life into your character - Plenty of cartoon levels to play through - Multiple magical pencil types for creating and animating solutions to obstacles: A fire pencil to burn down obstacles A cloud pencil to create rain or lightning A key pencil to help you unlock doors and activate objects An axe pencil to help you chop down trees Now pencil your way into one of the most creative drawing puzzle games ever designed in Draw a Stickman: EPIC!

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